About Us


W.E. Sword Company officially opened its doors in 1964 when W.E. Sword decided to use his entrepreneurial skills and left Peden Iron Steel Company in Houston where he began his hardware career to go into business for himself. He and his wife Beverly Sword began W.E. Sword Company out of their house on Clubview Drive in Tyler, TX. W.E. and Beverly are both Tyler natives and went to John Tyler high school. W.E. went on to get his business degree from Tyler Commercial College while Beverly got her Associate of Arts degree from Columbia College.

W.E.’s business experience and Beverly’s bookkeeping skills were a perfect combination to start a building materials company in a thriving and established town. They began working with local architects and contractors and supplying material around the Tyler area. They worked out of their house at the beginning and used the garage for warehouse space. In 1968 W.E. Sword built the building on South Broadway which housed the company until December of 2015.  Sword Company has since moved to our current Hwy 69 South location.

Michael began working at Sword Company when he was in junior high keying locks in his house on Clubview Drive in Tyler. He continued to learn the business in high school by delivering jobs, shipping and receiving, and setting up master key systems. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1974 and began working full time for W.E. Sword Company in 1975. Michael Sword purchased W.E. Sword Company in 2001 and continues to be a daily part of the company which was simply renamed Sword Company.

Sword Company continues to be a family affair as his oldest son Ryan Sword joined the company in 2007 after graduating from Texas A&M in 2005, and youngest son Aaron Sword joined the team in 2015 after graduating from Texas State.

Since 1964 W.E. Sword Company has prided itself on being a customer service based company and continues to hold the same values today that it did in 1964 when the doors were first opened.